Thursday, September 11, 2014

Recap of class 9/11/14

Today we set up a new class blog and class Facebook PAGE and took a look at the types of interactions possible. Intentionality and deliberateness matter when looking at successful social media initiatives.

When you see something you like or find especially engaging or interesting -- like a blog, or Facebook brand page -- ask yourself: "What is the company trying to do? Why did they do it this way?" Likely you will see intent behind it.


  1. These classes have been interesting and I enjoy the interaction with my classmates. Of all the tools listed, I probably use FaceBook the most, not so much because it is my favorite, but that's the tool I get the most questions about.
    I am posting this at 8:46am EDT

  2. Smart thinking to sign off with your initials -- important to ask for that if you're allowing anonymous comments.

  3. This class session has made me rethink how we use our FaceBook page for church. I find it is more of a broadcast however I personally would like to see it be more of a social tool. As an administrator I now see how I can influence that change. I feel a need to use it to demonstrate our mission statement in action. MW